Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Testing, Testing...

It is testing season over in my neck of the woods.  We have spent the last 8 days testing and we still have two more to go.  I'm also reading Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech aloud to my kids so poems inspired by the poems in her book are being composed in my heard during my hours of active proctoring.  I don't normally think in poetry so it is kind of fun.
Wooden Graphite Based Number 2 Pencils
Inspired by William Carlos Williams
So much depends
An empty plastic container
With perfectly pointed
Sitting on the wood grained

Straight Rows
Inspired by William Carlos Williams
So much depends
Seventeen silent students
In straight
I also began a poem inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Bells poem, that describes the events that took place when I tried to take S and E to the store yesterday.  It is called Wails but I'm not done with it yet.  It is amazing the things you come up with when you are forced to wander silently for an hour or two a day.  I sure will be glad when Friday comes and we can get back to teaching!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
It seems as though these are the only posts I can get written lately.  I have all these thoughts and they fly out of my head as soon as I sit down to type. So here we go:
  • The relationship between my two little people is quite amazing.  Whenever something happens to one of them the other is usually there to try to make the other happy.  Unless, of course, they caused the unhappiness.  Tonight S accidentally hit E with a plastic tub, you know they kind that held the cars that were dumped on the floor.  He immediately went up to hug her and asked, "Okay?"  It was pretty cute.  Later S was upset because E was sitting on the riding car that he wanted, so I convinced her to play with the stroller, then S was mad because he wanted the blocks in the stroller.  Oh to be a two year old!  Well, in an attempt to distract him I tried to give him some carrots that were ready to eat for dinner.  He wouldn't take them from me (there was a little scuffle between the two over the blocks which resulted in me taking them, so I became the enemy), but he took them when E, on her own, offered him some.
  • I'm totally obsessed with Harlem Shake videos on YouTube.  I'm a little behind the times and just figured out what it was all about this week.  My current favorites are:
I could do without the swearing at the end of the second one, but I love the Gangnam Style too.  We are currently working on our own video.  Maybe I'll convince the play group on Saturday morning to join in.  There should be a toddler version!
  • Last week I went to the doctor to get over my cold which turned into a sinus infection and to have the little blisters on my hand checked out.  I left with an antibiotic, nasal spray and a steroid cream for my hands.  I guess my overly dry skin caused the little blisters, which are not contagious.  While I was there I figured I get my cholesterol checked.  I have been avoiding this since July.  It was last checked the July before and was slightly elevated.  I attributed it to the fact I had babies in January and I was eating whatever I could find and I craved sweets the whole pregnancy.  Well, that and my sweets addiction.  I was convinced my cholesterol would still be high.  I got a call from my doctor's office today saying everything looks good and to keep up the good work.  Umm... I haven't really changed any of my eating habits and I can't say I worked on it.  So I guess that means my once a week donut habit is okay, right?
  • Along with Harlem Shake videos I'm also obsessed with decorating my house with typography.  I love quotes, always have.  I used to, before Pinterest, have a binder full of my favorites.  I'm starting to try to make my own but I don't love my handwriting and I REALLY don't like my handwriting when I try to write with a paintbrush.  I'm wondering when my husband will realize he is surrounded by words.