Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Tell or Not to Tell

I struggle with this quite frequently. Who do you tell about your infertility? Just close friends? Just your family? No one... I don't really feel ashamed, not anymore anyway, but it is TMI for most people in my life. It is hard to explain why I can't workout for two weeks or why I'm avoiding any cardio classes or why I haven't been running, without some mention of infertility. I could lie, but what is the point in that. Everyone who knows about what P and I are going through has been completely supportive. BUT do normal couples share (or have to) what happens in their bedroom? Even though everything ISN'T happening in the bedroom? My male teaching partner had been purposely kept in the dark. I don't feel comfortable sharing any of that kind of information with him. He is a guy after all and my husband doesn't even like to hear about some of the stuff I have to do. But since I was on Clomid I felt like it was fair to give him a heads up. I think my other teaching partner has filled him in, or maybe his wife who is also a friend. Just a thought.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ready or not here we go!

Well... after two IUI tries last summer we knew that this summer would be filled with all things IVF. As it got closer and closer to summer and the scheduling began I began to worry about timing. So I made an appointment with the "Good Doctor". He is our RE and I really like him, which is good because he the only close choice.
It was good I made an appointment when I did because as it turns out we are late on the draw. I barely was able to get things rolling in time to be done before school starts in the fall. I think that my emotional response to the fact that implantation wouldn't happen until the first week in August, the week we return to work, helped me out a little bit in getting the ball rolling.
So far here is what I know:
-Started the Clomid challenge test. I desperately wanted to avoid being on any fertility drugs while teaching. I know how I do on them and it really isn't pretty for anyone. Hopefully my kids are angels for the next couple of days or their teacher could be a crying monster. Yikes!
-On Tuesday I'll go in and have bloodwork to see how my body reacted to the Clomid.
-On Wednesday I will have the trial transfer. I'm not sure what to expect from this but I need to have a full bladder when I arrive, which shouldn't be any fun.

We are going to try an IUI with the Clomid and maybe we won't have to go through with the IVF.

I'm feeling a little in the dark. The planning appointment didn't go like I had thought. I expected to be there for 30 minutes and just made appointments to start everything but not actually start. I didn't have P with me because I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Boy was I wrong. I also wasn't totally concentrated on what the doctor was saying because I had made a vet appointment for that afternoon and it because obvious I was going to miss it. I've never missed any kind of appointment in my life and I was feeling kind of frantic. So I think May I'll be on birth control and I'm hoping I won't start meds until June and then the actual transfer will happen in July.