Sunday, February 17, 2013

To do list:

I occasionally make to do lists but I don't use them very well.  It seems as though lately I have way TOO much to do.

  1. laundry
  2. clean the tile floor
  3. get ready for conferences next week
    1. organize data
    2. organize printouts of data
    3. finish grading last week's science tests
    4. grade Friday's spelling assessment
    5. grade Friday's reading responses
    6. grade last week's narrative summaries
    7. reflect on data
    8. print out current grades
    9. write down all thoughts so I don't forget what I need to say
    10. update ILPs
    11. figure out when state testing days are and make a schedule for parents
    12. plan for the week so I won't have to do it after my 12+ hour days
  4. put away laundry
  5. get over my cold (It showed up on Friday, lucky me.  It seems to be the same cold I've had about 4 times since before winter break...sore throat, stuffy, headache, exhausted.)
  1. clean the bathroom  (The master bathroom tub has been a great fun place to throw femine products for the kids.  I let them because it keeps them out of everything else.  BUT it is time to try to USE the tub.)
  2. clean the other bathrooms
  3. figure out what I'm going to eat the nights (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) that I work until 7 pm this week
  4. send back shoes that are still too wide, although they are narrows, to Amazon
  5. make a photobook on Shutterfly before the 28th so I don't lose my $20

  1. hang my new air plants that my sister gave me for my birthday above the clean bath tub in our bathroom
  2. hang S's Dr. Suess prints of his name that he got for Christmas
  3. finish E's name for her wall
  4. find and paint frames for the playroom
  5. organize my craft room
  6. sleep

Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
I wasn't sure I had anything for today but surely I can come up with some random stuff.
  1. This morning as I was leaving for work I grabbed my scarf to put it on and E said, "Mommy's blanket."  Silly girl.
  2. On a similar note we do gymnastics on Mondays and we alternate weeks with S and E.  It was S's turn this week but E came and Mr. P met us there.  On our walk into the rec center S pointed out doggy poop, although I never did see any.  Most of it was snow or leaves.
  3. S can lock the dead bolt on the front door.  We need to find a place for a key just in case we get locked out.
  4. I turned 33 yesterday.  I took about 5 videos of the kids singing Happy Birthday to me. 
  5. My husband must have found my blog because he is on a roll with presents for the last two holidays.  Thank you Mr. P!  Yesterday he gave me a spa gift card (with instructions to NOT use it on my hair cut), an elliptical (not sure it this counts as a present), flowers and Starbucks when I got up. 
  6. I took Friday off, for my birthday, and we went to breakfast at my favorite place with my parents.  S, who has always been a direction giver, has no started demanding you eat or drink more.  He decided I need more coffee and he needed to help.
  7.  We had a snow sculpting contest in town over the weekend.  Once it was over we finally got winter weather.  The rest of the week was 60.  We drove by Friday and S wanted to see "more big snow."  On Saturday he just really wanted to throw the snow.  We always are looking for free things to see or do with the kids.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Even after Christmas AND a 2nd birthday my kids play with a lot of "non-toy" toys.  Lately their favorite has been canned food.  The cans are in our corner lazy Susan cabinet that I can't justify child locking.  The cabinet is routinely emptied, the cans lined up and moved around the house and then, thankfully, returned.  Yesterday S and E decided that the cans should be cooked on the grill and moved with the shopping cart.  I'm not sure they believed me when I told them that the cartons of vegetable broth were NOT milk and that they really won't like what was in their if they managed to open one.
It goes almost without saying that we like boxes at our house.  This lovely uncaptioned picture is of E after the "house" fell down.  It was really hard for me not to sing a Wizard of Oz song as I took this picture.  The silly girl was perfectly happy laying inside the house.  I guess she isn't claustrophobic.