Friday, January 4, 2013

Another step away...

from being my babies.  As of today S and E have been paci free since January 1st.  It is the one resolution that we can check off the list.  Mr. P has been trying to get me to get rid of the kids' paci's since they were about a year old.  I have been reluctant for no reason other than laziness.  It was part of their nap and nighttime routine.  They knew the paci meant it was time for bed.  They were becoming more attached and E had started throwing major fits when you tried to take hers from her.  So, we made it a resolution to wean them off, or really quit cold turkey.

Tuesday before nap time I asked Mr. P, "So do we start now?  Should we put them to bed without their paci's?"  Of course he said, yeah.  We talked to the kids for awhile about being big and big kids don't sleep with pacifiers and then we put them to bed.  S didn't have any trouble.  He whimpered for a bit but he was tired.  (They were both up until 11 pm on New Year's Eve and didn't really sleep in.)  E on the other had cried, after 10 minutes Mr. P went up and told her it was time to go night night and put her back down, she cried, and repeat.  After 30 minutes of crying we decided that maybe she needs to just use a broken one.  So I slit the tip and gave it to her.  She took it and went right to sleep.

So we decided to try the same trick that night with the broken paci.  She cried a little bit but not too bad and then went to sleep.  S continued to have no trouble.  He'd ask for his paci and we'd tell him big boys don't use them and he would go to sleep.  So we thought it would just take time for E to get tired of the broken paci.  Well, we were wrong.

On Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, we spent the morning running errands and getting E's first haircut.  We made it home late, about an hour past nap time.  The kids were tired so we thought they'd go right to sleep.  We decided to try to put E down without her paci, give her some time then, if needed we'd give her her paci.  I snuck downstairs to escape the crying and because I'm not very good at just putting her down and telling her it is night night time.  I'm a sucker and I know it.  So Daddy gets to be in charge.  Forty minutes later Mr. P comes downstairs and tells me that E is still crying.  He hadn't given her the broken paci and every time he goes upstairs she has taken all of her clothes off.  We decided to give her the broken paci and see how it goes.  Well, it didn't help.  She still screamed for almost an hour.  I finally decided to try to get her to sleep.

When I went in she had taken her clothes off, again, and she was saying, "change".  So I figured she must be dirty.  Well, she was practically dry.  But not she had gotten herself out of bed.  So I took her to my bed to lay with her to try to calm her down.  She was calm and asleep, I thought, so I took her back into her room.  Well, she was back awake and clingy to me like a little monkey.  I finally pried her from me and put her into her bed.  Where she cried, and cried, and cried.

Well needless to say a little bit later I gave her a regular paci, she still cried.  The girl needed to sleep so I laid down with her in our bed and she was out like a light.  Unfortunately all the commotion had taken a toll on S's nap.  He was up.  Phew, the worst nap time we've had in a VERY long time.  My kids are generally great sleepers.

So Mr. P and I had to come up with a new plan of action.  E is a smart, stubborn little girl.  So we went back to cold turkey.  There wasn't a time that we'd give her the broken paci, she wasn't going to get one, or we'd but up for hours at night.

So we put her to bed with a paci and I went to the grocery store.  (I did the same thing when we had to let her CIO around her first birthday when she just wanted to be held when she slept.)  I got the all clear about 40 minutes later.  She had fallen asleep without her paci.  Hooray!

Nap time yesterday went pretty good too.  She only cried for about 8 minutes and then was asleep.  We did however double layer her clothes and put a onesie on just in case.

Last night I put her down and she went right to sleep.  Not a peep.

Today at nap time she cried a little bit.  Then woke up about 30 minutes later crying.  I went up and she again had taken off her shirt.  I put her back down and after a little more crying she was out.  Tonight, not a peep.

Hopefully it will continue to go well.  I am a little worried about going back to work next week.  Grandma has her our first day back and last time she watched them E didn't take an afternoon all.   

Now I just have these 4 pacifiers left and I can't get myself to throw them away.  It is just another sign my babies are getting big. 

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