Monday, January 21, 2013

Micsellany Monday

  1. Last night as I was picking up toys I emptied out three gift bags that E had been carrying around.  Inside them I found:
    • 6 Duplo Blocks
    • 3 wooden pepperonis
    • 4 wooden mushrooms
    • 2 wooden peppers (They got a Melissa & Doug pizza set for their birthday.)
    •  a wooden policeman from a train set
    • 1 slice of pizza, wooden
    • 1 cupcake baking cup
    • a Mr. Potato Head nose
    • a strip of red fabric that had been tied around their birthday shirts
  2. After S and E's nap today we were picking up more Duplo blocks but S couldn't part with two of them.  One was a see-through block and the other was a brown block with coffee beans on it.  I asked him what he had and he said, "Blue and coffee."  I asked, "Who likes coffee. He replied, "Mama."  With a sly smile.
  3. Please ignore the incorrect punctuation and lack of new paragraphs in the number two.  Blogger won't let me indent and keep my numbers.
  4. Today was our two year appointment with the doctor.  S is in the 99th percentile for height and the 95th for weight while poor little E is only in the 25th for weight and the 75-85th for height.  This explains so much about gymnastics class tonight.
  5. I have an agreement or I "okayed" alternating gymnastics classes with S and in for two sessions.  E went the first two because S was sick last week.  It was finally his turn.  I had to take E with me and Mr. P met us there.  E was not happy about missing out on class but S was pretty excited.  He does a much better job copying motions of the teacher but he just isn't as nimble or a fast or as much of a risk taker as his big sister.  I think he larger than average size has affected his flexibility and it takes him a little longer to be confident.  He did love the parachute too.  He did a pretty good job but got "stuck" under the tent once and then was unprepared for a quick up and down and did a face plant with a little blood onto the chute.  But he happily joined back in a ran all over it.
  6. When I asked what his favorite part of class was he said, "Tunnel. Swing, knock it down."  There was a tunnel set up over a wedge that he would have stayed at all class and they got to swing on the bar and knock down a larger block.  He giggled with excitement every time he knocked it down.  Oh boys...
  7. E got a little baby for her birthday that has a paci.  We are only 3 weeks into being paci free and I was a little worried she'd inherit the baby's.  BUT she tells you to be quiet when the baby is around and gives it the paci and she hasn't tried to suck on it once.  (Her brother did twice at dinner though.)
  8. We played with play-doh tonight for the first time.  In the 30 seconds that I left the kitchen to grab the camera S had taken a bite of the orange dough.  Yuck!
  9. No pictures today.  I'm still trying to learn our new computer.  Our old one died on Saturday and we're still trying to recover the memory.  No fun!

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