Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Even after Christmas AND a 2nd birthday my kids play with a lot of "non-toy" toys.  Lately their favorite has been canned food.  The cans are in our corner lazy Susan cabinet that I can't justify child locking.  The cabinet is routinely emptied, the cans lined up and moved around the house and then, thankfully, returned.  Yesterday S and E decided that the cans should be cooked on the grill and moved with the shopping cart.  I'm not sure they believed me when I told them that the cartons of vegetable broth were NOT milk and that they really won't like what was in their if they managed to open one.
It goes almost without saying that we like boxes at our house.  This lovely uncaptioned picture is of E after the "house" fell down.  It was really hard for me not to sing a Wizard of Oz song as I took this picture.  The silly girl was perfectly happy laying inside the house.  I guess she isn't claustrophobic.

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