Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
I wasn't sure I had anything for today but surely I can come up with some random stuff.
  1. This morning as I was leaving for work I grabbed my scarf to put it on and E said, "Mommy's blanket."  Silly girl.
  2. On a similar note we do gymnastics on Mondays and we alternate weeks with S and E.  It was S's turn this week but E came and Mr. P met us there.  On our walk into the rec center S pointed out doggy poop, although I never did see any.  Most of it was snow or leaves.
  3. S can lock the dead bolt on the front door.  We need to find a place for a key just in case we get locked out.
  4. I turned 33 yesterday.  I took about 5 videos of the kids singing Happy Birthday to me. 
  5. My husband must have found my blog because he is on a roll with presents for the last two holidays.  Thank you Mr. P!  Yesterday he gave me a spa gift card (with instructions to NOT use it on my hair cut), an elliptical (not sure it this counts as a present), flowers and Starbucks when I got up. 
  6. I took Friday off, for my birthday, and we went to breakfast at my favorite place with my parents.  S, who has always been a direction giver, has no started demanding you eat or drink more.  He decided I need more coffee and he needed to help.
  7.  We had a snow sculpting contest in town over the weekend.  Once it was over we finally got winter weather.  The rest of the week was 60.  We drove by Friday and S wanted to see "more big snow."  On Saturday he just really wanted to throw the snow.  We always are looking for free things to see or do with the kids.

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