Monday, June 7, 2010


Tomorrow is retrieval day and I couldn't be happier. On my last day of shots, Saturday, I almost couldn't do it. It wasn't especially painful but I think my body was done. I felt faint and sick just standing. I'm glad that P is in charge of all shots from here on out.

I have about 10 eggs that look like good candidates. I'm a little disappointed that that is all I have. The good doctor expected much more since there were no signs that they shouldn't. I guess all of the eggs in my ovaries at the beginning of this cycle didn't want to leave yet. Oh well, it should be enough. We just need one or two, right?

P gave my trigger/HCG shot last night. I was a little concerned because he hates needles. But he did a wonderful job. Even better than the last shot I got at the doctors office. I guess his dart throwing practice earlier in the day helped out.

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