Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Waiting....

Did I mention that waiting stinks? Mr. P just got done with 4 days of basketball camps so that meant I spent a lot of time alone. Most of my friends have families and spend their summers taking kids to the pool, the library, or just taking care of their family. It is hard when you're childless during the summer. We usually go on vacation but due to the huge amount of money we just spent on IVF we are going no where. So I'm stuck at home, worrying, waiting not very patiently, not able to spend money, and by myself. Not a great combination. It doesn't help that when P gets home from camp he doesn't really want to do anything and I'm itching to do ANYTHING. Since I have all sorts of pent up energy I would normally go work out, clean the basement or something active but I'm too afraid to do much of anything until I know if we're going to be parents.

All of this makes for a frustrated, emotional me. Oh, tomorrow is our 7 year anniversary and I would love to do SOMETHING to celebrate. P is fine with going to dinner at a restaurant that we go to normally. To me that doesn't count. Plus, that only takes a couple of hours. He doesn't ever think we need a big celebration. Not for birthdays either. This is one area that seems to be a sore point in our relationship. I want to celebrate. I want at least something as a gift. He wants nothing and often gives nothing. So I've been thinking the last two weeks about how nice it would be to get some flowers. I'm not holding my breath though, I doubt it will happen tomorrow.

Oh and he can't go with me to get my blood drawn on Thursday because of open gym for basketball. Not to mention there is at least one other coach there all the time. Can't he just skip for one day? I don't really want to be sitting for 2 hours ALONE waiting then either.

Argh... a little frustrated. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones talking. :-)

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