Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Rocks!

It feels like spring in my neck of the woods. I know we can expect a huge snow storm at any time, but for now I'm sure enjoying the 70 degree weather. S and E are enjoying it too.
After an at least 3 month long hiatus from the outdoor world they are rediscovering nature. S now cries if you try to go outside without him. He will try to crawl out the sliding glass door when I let the dog out. He is an deck loving almost 14 month old. E on the other hand likes to go outside but isn't as adamant as her brother.
They have also discovered rocks. I should have known that toddlers love rocks, being an elementary school teacher and even 5th graders love rocks. Last week we sat next to the driveway and played with the rocks for at least 15 minutes. S rolled them down the driveway, banged them together, and tasted them. E, being the little girl that she is, just picked them up and put them down.
I foresee many warms days sitting in the rocks. As long as they don't hit each other with them or throw them at each other I will be happy to sit there.
(We've also dusted off our wonderful jogging stroller for some walks!)

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