Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekend Morning Breakfast

Growing up my mom would make us cottage cheese pancakes. I know, gross right? Well, no, they are actually really good and good for you. I guess we were typical kid eaters and she was always looking for a way to get us to eat more protein. Now that my kids are at that age we have been looking for ways to give them more protein too.
I tell ya, these things are LOVED at my house. S and E ate a combined 8, last Sunday. Yes, my 14 month old twins ate 8 pancakes. Granted these aren't as big as normal pancakes and are lighter too but still, you can't cut them up fast enough. They are light and creamy and great with applesauce or with bananas mixed in.
I recently inherited the recipe book that they came from complete with magazine clippings from my mom. The book is called Feed Me I'm Yours and I guess it is still in print.

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