Saturday, May 12, 2012

Balloon Boy

Nope not talking about that balloon boy... For S and E's first birthday I sent Daddy to the store to pick up last minute food and added balloons to the list. I didn't think he would really pick any up and if I did I wasn't sure what to expect. Well he did come home with two balloons... one blue and one orange. We know a store manager and the Broncos had just lost a playoff game the day before and the balloons were free. I guess I need to be more specific next time. So we had these balloons and the kids really hadn't been around any before so we didn't know what to expect. S was terrified. He wanted nothing to do with the balloons. E on the other hand thought they were great.

Well those balloons lasted for at least 3 weeks. They were just normal balloons but they must have had something added. We had them FOREVER! This turned out to be a good thing because those balloons started to grow on S. He slowly warmed up to them and then it became more than just a tolerance, he loved those balloons. He liked to hold on to the string, hit them and swing them around. Well finally they popped I let the air out of them.

Well last week our babysitter,  brought over a balloon that she gave her dad for his birthday but he let the kids keep. Our baby boy is back in balloon love. He walks ALL over the house holding on to that balloon. So next time he needs a present I know just what to get him. That boy loves balloons.  (His sister is another story.)

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