Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

It isn't Monday yet but I already know that I'll have a case of the Mondays.  The end of the weekend is hard for me.  Some weeks are easier than others.  This weekend was pretty quiet but it was good.  The hardest weeks are when we have weekends like this past weekend.  I got to spend good quality time with my kids.  We didn't really have anything planned for Saturday or Sunday, we didn't have too many errands to run and our house is FINALLY to a point where we don't have to work on it every free moment.  I spend most of my time today sitting on the floor with a baby toddler (or two) in my lap or at least within a few inches.  We read books, we played with cars, we made things out of blocks and then we did it all over again.  There wasn't much fighting (except when I left the room for too long) and everyone was pretty happy.  E even ate the chicken we had for dinner.  Overall it was a success.  These are the days I imagined when I thought about being a mom.  Quiet, peaceful days full of reading, playing and little people walking in between my legs.

**Of course I am choosing to block out the 10 minutes yesterday when I went upstairs to change and when I came back down, Mr. P , who I thought was watching the kids, didn't know where they were and we found them in the study playing with my camera.  Needless to say I now need a new lens.

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