Sunday, September 9, 2012


Last weekend we put S and E into their own rooms.  Mr. P wanted to separate them as soon as we moved into our new house but I felt like they needed a bit more of a transition.  Throw in back-to-school and I thought it would be better for everyone if we waited a while. 

The thought was that in their own rooms the kids would sleep more soundly and longer.  Well, nothing much has changed.  The hardest part of having both kids in the same room was how to react when one was screaming their head off not wanted to sleep.  You really can't go in and put them back in and tell them it was night night time because they'd both be up.  The other issue was that little boy is an early riser.  He starts his morning by talking in his crib.  The talking would eventually wake up his sister.  One more I heard him calling her name, well the nickname he calls her.  It was really cute but I knew it was interrupting her sleep.

Well now they really haven't had any changes in sleep.  They usually go down to sleep easily and are waking up within a few minutes of each other... still.  S does walk by E's room and will say her name as in to ask where she is.  They don't seem to miss each other but they have a Jack-n-Jill bathroom so they can see each other through the bathroom.  Once they are asleep I close it to keep out the noise. 

Overall I think the transition was really hardest on me.  I was worried they would be lonely.  They never shared a crib because S had to sleep in a Tucker Sling at at least a 45 degree angle for the first few months he was at home.  It wouldn't have worked to have them both in there.  But E slept in our room until S came home and they have been in the same room every since.  I am glad that they seemed to adjust just fine.

Sleeping S in his sling in their old nursery (He is about 3 1/2 months old in this picture.)

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