Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time Out

Since E turned 18 months we have been trying timeout to help with her hitting. When she gets mad or frustrated she just reaches out and whacks someone or anything that is nearby. Unfortunately it is usually S. S is so easy going to he rarely reacts anymore, unless she happens to have something in her hand when she hits. I hate that S cowers when she raises her hand and that he so easily gives up what he has to her. She still sometimes hits me but that is becoming less frequent.

When we first started timeouts I had to physically hold her in the chair. She wouldn't stay and would try to squirm away. Now she sits in the timeout chair and talks to herself. From what I gather it sounds like she is telling the story about what happened and why she is there. Most of the time there is a lot of babble and then a "no, no". (I really should get it on video... it is pretty cute even though she is in trouble.)

I'm not sure timeout is really working. I know she needs to learn other ways to get rid of her frustration and since she is not REALLY verbal, like S, she doesn't really have the words yet. I know the timeouts are designed to help her regulate her emotions and to calm herself down. I like that it also makes it so she doesn't get what she wants when she is hitting S. I also know that this is likely a stage and she will grow out of it. I sure hope it is a stage...

We have tried redirection. We have tried telling her no and redirection, but she can be very difficult to redirect once she has her mind on something.

We have definitely moved to the parenting stage and it is hard to know if what you are doing is "right".  Tonight we had friends over for dinner, while both our husbands are away at outdoor ed.  She has two little girls.  One is five days younger than S and E and the other is five.  E started out with two timeouts for hitting almost right away.  After that she didn't have any trouble.  I have noticed that when she is hungry she has shorter fuse, if I want to call it that.  She is quicker to hit.  Most days I feel like it is getting better but I just wish it would go away completely.

Next we need to work on S and his throwing of EVERYTHING.

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