Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I always think I have a lot to confess until I get started then I can't think of ANYTHING.  We'll see what comes to mind.
  • Last night I went to the grocery store.  Tuesday is my late night with the babysitter.  She drops the kids off with Mr. P when his practice is done and he watches them and lets them run around his classroom then takes them home.  Is it bad that I always pick up a donut or two...or three as a treat for myself when I'm at the store?  So much for free cookies for kids, how about free donuts for moms?
  • Tonight I was sure I was going to make dinner.  Something good from Pinterest that I found yesterday.  Well I finally decided on these
Pinned Image
Well the recipe for the actual pot pies isn't there so I had to make it up.  In the meantime, while I was trying to decide to stick with a made up recipe or move on, my husband came home.  We had a quick what do you want for dinner discussion and he then headed out to get pizza.  Well I had already starting dinner so I finished it.  The dinner I made was ready before he made it back but we STILL had pizza for dinner.  On a side note mini pies aren't bad...
  • Mr. P took S to get pizza and left me with my baby girl.  She doesn't get much alone time because she sleeps longer than her brother.  It is the few times I only have one kid that I realize that only having one is totally different than having two.  And I think to myself, "I could do this."  Then I remember that I will NEVER just have one child.  Not that I would want to get rid of one of mine just that I think I could handle it a little bit better.
  • I've realized why teacher's kids are so bad.  After dealing with almost 200 kids a day between Mr. P and I, the two of us are all out of consequences and rules when we get home.  We need to work on that.  I don't to have THOSE kids.
  • The babysitter is still amazing and my house is never cleaner than when I get home from work.  How does she do it?  Maybe she isn't as distracted during the kids' nap time as I am.
  • We had our first swimming lesson on Monday.  We made it, on time... but with one mad little girl.  She cried through the introduction meeting and in the locker room when we were trying to clean up.  S wouldn't even let the swim instructor hold him and he about hit her in the face with the water ball a few times.  Man that kid has a good arm and unfortunate timing.

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