Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everyday in May?

Is it too late to start blogging every day in May?  I have been on a hiatus, for no real reason just don't feel like it when I have the time.  But this is my memory.  Most days I can't even remember if I have brushed my teeth much less the funny thing S or E said.  So let's start there...
  • In the last couple of weeks S has been telling me, "No go to work Mommy."  Ugh, breaks my heart.  He has been super snugly and a little clingy lately.  He just wants me close.  "Sit right here Mommy."  And my returns from work have been met with a big smile and the cutest, "Hi, Mommy." 
  • I know they have done it before but S and E really are having the greatest conversations together and SO funny.  They're starting to ask each other questions, which I think has been the biggest change.  E will ask if S is okay, "You okay Sam?" and give him a hug if he is sad.  Unfortunately he often replies with a push for some space.**Update: Conversation heard in the car today (5/3):  E-"Chicken" S- "No chicken" E- "Chicken" S- "No chicken" E- "Chicken" S-
    "No chicken I don't see them."  E- "Chicken"
  • I'm starting to hear more of those phrases that I must use a lot.  E the other day exclaimed to her doll, "Oh   my   goodness!"  Ha!  I found myself saying that a few times the next day at work.  She really is mimicking lately too, but not whole phrases, really just the ends.  Sometimes Mr. P and I will talk slow so she can repeat and we can giggle at what she says.
  • We are developing a routine for morning good-byes.  First we do knuckles, then fives, then hugs and kisses.  Then sometimes it is repeated.  Then there are some "Love yous" and sometimes I'm instructed to hug MiMi (our nanny) or to give her fives.  (I'm not a hugger, so it would be awkward to hug the nanny goodbye.)  Then I'm usually told, by S, "No take my car."  Which means he doesn't want me to take the minivan, which is "his" car.  Silly boy.
  • E has begun negotiating, which is funny because normally it doesn't matter.  She has begun asking for, "Just one more."  With her finger up.  "Just one more Mommy."  I think sometimes she is just making sure this is the last time or the last one she gets.  Most of the time we  haven't told her she was done and she is asking for one more.  She will say just one more time as she goes the slide for the last one before we go home and before she eats the last jellybean I've given her.  It is pretty cute though.
Two is such an entertaining age.  The things they come up with just kill me some days. 

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