Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Makes Me Really Happy...

Today I'm playing catch-up.  Here we go, Day 14 on Day 18, ten things that make me really happy:

1.  A good night's sleep or a much needed nap, especially in clean sheets.
2.  Sitting down and reading a magazine from cover to cover.
3.  Snuggling with my kids.
4.  Laughing so hard it makes my cheeks and/or my stomach hurt.
5.  Getting great deal on something I really wanted.
6.  Shopping with my mom and sister.
7.  Watching cheesy Christmas movies, under a warm blanket with a cup of Chai Tea. (This only happens during the holidays.)
8.  Helping my kids learn something new or when one of my students at work finally gets it or when they are engaged in what we are doing in class.
9.  Swimming.
10.  Being able to capture a special moment with a picture.

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