Friday, May 3, 2013


Things that make me uncomfortable:
  1. Awkward hugs and cheek kisses.  You know the kind, mostly the ones you aren't ready for, you're not standing in the right spot, or if you're a teacher to older children, the ones where their head hits in a bad spot and they go in for an unexpected front hug.  I'm not naturally a hugger so most of the time it is uncomfortable.
  2. Confrontation.  I'm a typical middle child and I dislike conflict.  I don't like having to confront anyone... a co-worker, a store clerk, or the person who answers the customer service line.  I also get uncomfortable around other people conflict.  I have many friends who love the Real Housewives of ___________ but I just can't do it, to much fighting for me.
  3. Perceived social awkwardness.  You know when you see someone, or hear someone start to say something that isn't right for the situation or the audience.  I get uncomfortable for them.  Maybe I'm too empathetic.
  4. Running while anyone is watching.  Another good reason why I don't run anymore. 
  5. Ending phone calls that aren't going anywhere... sorry mom.

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